My take on the RH Bill is a bit simplistic. For as long as you are secure with your values and principles and as long as you know where you stand with our God, regardless of whether the bill gets passed or not, you will definitely make the right choice.

For me, it is not a question of how much you know, but rather a question of your character and values.

Put it this way: as I am writing this, I could have access to ANYTHING public on the internet whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I choose to use my time on the net for something positive and productive because this is what my value set dictates. In my opinion, the RH Bill is the same thing. If it is passed, I have access to information. The act of using this access is a choice that will be determined by my principles and values.  The government cannot force you to use contraceptives.  It is ultimately your choice!  And that choice will be governed by your internal set of values and principles.

I guess the problem lies in the perception of everyone else’s values and principles.  Given the same access, will the person next to me have the same set of values as I have to “intelligently” choose what to do with the information given him?  Am I confident enough to say that everyone is “mature” enough to make the “right” choice?  Will the person reading this visit a porn site next?  Simple answer: I don’t know.

More than the provisions in the bill, this is what divides at the core.  If you ask me, no I have not read the bill in its entirety.  But I do know where I stand when it passes.  The problem is that we do not know where others will stand.  More worrisome is the fact that we are insecure in the value formation of our citizens.  We do not believe that our citizenry have been brought up well.  Well enough to make the right decisions amid the myriad of possibilities that the government, nay the world, can offer.

For me, and I think this will be a controversial statement, the church is worried that they have not been doing their job.  Value formation should come from the family, first and foremost.  Families in turn receive their “guides to life” from the church.  If the church is doing its job, then it has absolutely nothing to worry about.  From what I recall, we are still a predominantly catholic/christian nation.  If the church is secure, then the nation is secure whatever the government chooses to pass.

It is easy to pass the blame but then we also have to realize, actually, WE, ALL OF US, are the church.  Church is not an organization or a limited specific group of individuals.  Church is us.

So the real culprit?  Us.  Yep, all of us.

What is it that I want to get across?  The issue is not the RH Bill itself.  Its provisions, the research behind it, the arguments for and against it.  That is not the issue.  At the end of the day, it is an issue of the heart.  Not only of your own but of others as well.  Before you even argue for or against the bill, think about He who first gave us life.  Ask yourself if you are being true in your relationship with your Creator and go beyond and ask yourself if you have done enough to reach out to a brother or sister.  Instead of shooting opinions back and forth, why not gather and talk about the Author of all life and what He has done for all of us?

I don’t understand the bill entirely to be honest.  Even if someone explained it to me, I don’t think I’ll ever get all its complexities to be able to explain it to somebody else.  I find the bible easier to understand and easier to share.  Why not start with that?


Truth is a complicated matter.  The more you search for it, the more information you get.  The more information you get, the more confused you become.  It muddles your quest and disheartens the seeker.  This is one truth I know: that Christ died for all our sins that we may gain eternal life through him.  It is all that I’ll ever need.

I was so sleepy in front of my computer one day that I just had to get up from my chair to stop myself from hitting my sleepy head on my keyboard. I walked over to my office mate’s cube to bother her. She gave me a piercing look and handed over the puzzle pictured above. I shrugged, took the puzzle from her hands and returned to my cube.

It’s a puzzle called or made by Lonpos. You have these various shapes that you have to fit into a rectangle. It’s almost like tetris only that it has more complicated shapes and the lines don’t collapse when formed.

Being the nerd that I was, I thought I would be able to finish this puzzle in just a few minutes.  Well, it’s been four days and I still haven’t been able to fit the pieces in the rectangle. I was told that there were about 200+ combinations and I still haven’t been able to get one! What is wrong with me???

Well, it definitely woke me up… with frustration. I just hope I’ll be able to get at least one combination before I return this. My office mate’s been bugging me to give it back…


This is what I get for waking up late. In my rush to get to the office in time, I managed to forget four essential things for the day:

1) I never leave home without my bible. It has been my habit since last year and I feel at a loss when I don’t have it with me.
2) Putting on my wrist watch is always the first thing I do when I dress up. I must have been a zombie this morning to forget this.
3) This is very important. My girlfriend cooked and packed this for me yesterday so that I could eat it later at lunch. I made a mental note to take it out of the ref before leaving but my mind was just not awake.
4) I realized that I needed to charge and transfer some data to and from my phone when I got to the office. Aaaarg…

So the plan is, I’ll go back to the house before lunch to get all these and make it back to the office before my boss calls for a meeting. I just hope I could get a taxi right away to make it on time. Well, wish me luck!


It’s a new year (happy new year everybody!) and a new chapter in my blog. I got my WordPress report yesterday and was very surprised about my progress (or lack of it) for the year. I managed to churn out four entries… FOUR ENTRIES for the entire year!!! Wow was I busy…

Hopefully that will change this year. I’ve got a brand new “baby” to help me produce at the very least more than four entries for 2011. Meet my new HTC Wildfire!

With this in tow, I have no excuse to not post anything on my blog! I bought this for myself as a Christmas gift for being such a good boy all year… ok, you can opt not to believe that… but hey, it’s with me already so there’s nothing else we could do about it. :p

Hopefully everyone had a blast last year and is looking forward to this new year. I know I am because I’m on “fire”!